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WowSpeed Premade Fans Curl D, 0.05 mm, 7D

WowSpeed Premade Fans Curl D, 0.05 mm, 7D

PrimaVera Lashes

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Wow Speed Premade Fan lashes with short stem made for speed up your set.

More lashing - less preparation! Wow Speed Fans have Curl D, 0.05 mm - for impressive volume. Deep black color, matte finish, and Curl D provide a dramatic, voluminous and luxury look.

Perfectly designed fans at the base enhance the appearance for stunning volume.


  • Curl: D
  • Thickness: 0.07mm
  • Mixed sizes tray 8 mm up to 12 mm
  • 12 lines
  • 12 fans per line
  • 144 fans in the tray
  • Volumes: 7D
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