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Dark Chocolate Brown Lashes 0.15 mm

Dark Chocolate Brown Lashes 0.15 mm

PrimaVera Lashes

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Dark Chocolate Brown Lashes in MIX tray

This warm and rich brown tone is suitable for all clients, but is especially complementary for fairer clients or those with more mature features. It is a versatile alternative compared to pure black extensions, which can sometimes appear overpowering.

For older clients, blondes, or redheads. Add a splash of color to your extension sets by combining them with black lashes.

  • Curls: C / D
  • Thickness: 0.15 mm
  • Length Mixture: 7 mm / 8mm / 9 mm / 10 mm / 11 mm / 12 mm / 13mm / 14 mm
  • 20 lines in tray
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